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The Diet That Stops Seizures: Various Organisations 

Marketing Consultant: Ad hoc since 2012

The Facts

The Ketogenic Diet was designed in 1923 for the treatment of epilepsy. Under the supervision of registered dieticians and neurologists, half of children who go on the Ketogenic Diet have at least a 50% reduction in their number of seizures; about 10-15%, become seizure-free. Its applications have recently expanded to neurological disorders, certain cancers and other metabolic-based conditions. Despite the diet's effectiveness, it's a lesser known treatment option.

Mission: To spread awareness and information about Ketogenic diet therapies to people afflicted epilepsy, other neurological disorders and select cancers.

Key Projects: Advise organisations in the nonprofit and private sectors, primarily developing educational communications and awareness strategics.

To date, over 250 medical centres worldwide have been trained to facilitate the Ketogenic Diet. The number of annual medical studies pertaining to the diet increased almost by 300% from 2010-2020. 

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