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The Surrealist

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Feature Film / Psychological Thriller / Horror

1937: Rebellious debutante Leonora Carrington escapes an arranged marriage to become a painter in the shadow of her lover, the infamous Surrealist Max Ernst; but when they face off to be exhibited by the same millionaire collectors, Peggy Guggenheim, their romance takes a nightmarish turn and Leonora must got to the edge of sanity to break free.


In the Jungle


Short Film / Drama / Coming-of-Age

The year is 1970 and it's a typical school day for twelve-year-old Eric, but Eric is not a typical boy. With hearing aids, a giant pair of glasses and the status of 'outcast', he's a perpetual loner at the back of the class at a school for the hearing. And on the day the class lesson is 'survival of the fittest,' he must face the school bully and decide whether he's a lion, a gazelle, or the king of the jungle.


QUARTER FINALIST - Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards - 2020_edited.png

Feature Film / Drama / Biopic

Based on the incredible true story of 19th century artist Rosa Bonheur, an open lesbian who fought to expand the rights of women.


Cat Call


Short Screenplay Awards
Season 7 Semi Finalist


Short Film / Crime / Action / Comedy

Three women take revenge on the cat-callers who haunt their daily commute.

Idlewild Summer


Feature Film / Comedy / Drama

An unlovable woman on the brink of divorce drags her teenage daughters to her hometown, where she relives the rebellion of her youth alongside them and confronts the secrets of her past with the unlikely help of the owner of a local male strip club.

The Scam

Top 10_edited_edited.png

Short Film / 30 Min Series / Crime / Thriller

When a straight-laced immigrant software engineer is forced into the world of telescamming to pay back his debt with the mafia, he discovers he has a talent for it – and maybe even a shot at the American dream.



Horror Screenplay Awards
Season 7 Quarter Finalist 2023


Feature Film / Horror

Four estranged childhood friends embark on a bachelorette camping weekend, only to discover that an ancient ritual awaits them instead.

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