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Choice & Well-Being With Cannabis: PAX Labs

Director Product Marketing: 2015-17

Co-Inventer, Patent: User Interface And User Experience For A Vaporizer Device (i.e., App and User Interface functions) 

# WO 2019/104227 A1

The Facts

Since 2016, marijuana has been legal for medical use in most U.S. states, and the decriminalisation of recreational use has expanded. As PAX Labs' open-system vapour product became increasingly used for cannabis, the company began to tailor its product lines to better meet the needs of consumers.

Mission: To establish cannabis as a force for good, with the belief that it can and should be used responsibly; and a commitment to safety, transparency, and predictability.

Key Projects: With a research-based foundation: 1. Develop a product strategy to suit the key needs of consumers and growing category trends, and 2. Invent an app-interface that places usage oversight and control in the hands of consumers.

Today, PAX offers a portfolio of premium cannabis vaporizers, controllable on either the Android or iPhone platforms, that make cannabis experiences more personal, satisfying, and simple.


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