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Harm Reduction for Smokers: JUUL Labs

Executive Director, Brand & Product Marketing: 2017-19

Director Product Marketing: 2015-17

Brand Manager: 2013-15

The Facts

Harm reduction involves the introduction of a healthier product to replace a less healthy product for a set of existing users. The JUUL vapour product was developed to replace cigarette smoking: the leading cause of preventable death (>400K/ yr).

Mission: To transition the world’s billion adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes, eliminate their use, and combat underage usage of vapour products.

Key Projects: With a research-based foundation: 1. Develop a sufficiently satisfying product line that enables smokers to switch. 2. Present a brand that resonates with smokers' identities and experiences and lacks youth appeal.

Today, over 1 million adult smokers have switched to JUUL, which continues to displace cigarette sales worldwide. As part of the company's underage usage prevention efforts, it began to limit its available product lines beginning in 2018. Per a 2020 FDA report, youth usage was down by 1.8M users YoY.



The BRAND (2019)

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